The Melotti Family

The Melotti Family

Rice producers in the Veronese plain since 1986.

The Melotti family has been producing the finest Italian rice varieties such as Vialone Nano and Carnaroli since 1986. Their farm is located in the lowlands of Verona, in Isola della Scala.

Giuseppe Melotti, along with his wife Rosetta and their children Luca, Gianmaria, and Francesca, directly oversees the cultivation, processing, and sale of their rice.

Cultivated on excellent land and irrigated with clear spring waters in the plains south of Verona, the Melotti Rice is processed in the family rice mill using entirely artisanal methods that preserve its excellent qualities.

From the love for rice and the cuisine of Mamma Rosetta, a wide selection of rice-based specialties "from Mamma Rosetta's recipes".